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How to: Remote Control your Computer using Android device

Have you ever wondered controlling your PC using your Android phone, remotely controlling your PC and writing articles, tuning in to your favorite songs?

If you have not, then we have the solution. Here, We’ll teach you how to control your computer using an Android device. You can control your Computer from anywhere your house, whether you are near your PC or not. As long as you are in range of yourr wi-fi connection, this trick will work.

You will need:

After you will download GMote app from Google Play, you will be asked to download GMote Server on your computer.Installing and configuring GMote Server:

The GMote server installation is pretty easy, an installation wizard will appear

You click next and a message will appear which will ask you to Allow/unblock any Firewall blockages. Click Ok there.

After that, you will be prompted to choose a password for your server, You have the choice to choose a password or not.

After that, You will be prompted to choose the location where you put your media files such as songs, movies e.t.c so that it will be easy for you to remotely choose the media files.

After that, the installation wizard will be finished and GMote will be successfully installed on your PC. Return to your phone, to the screen where it says to install GMote server as in above picture (doesn’t matter if you have closed the app, it will prompt you again) and click on “I have installed the server, Start GMote” button.

After opening GMote app, you will be asked to choose your computer server, if you donot see it listed, you can choose I don’t see my server or I want to enter my IP manually.

If you have set-up a password as asked above, you will be asked to enter it.

How to Use GMote:

Now, if you have followed the above proceedure, you are now ready to learn how to control your PC. GMote have two types of screen, A touchpad screen and a media screen. You can easily switch between them through Menu option.

Touchpad Screen

This is a GMote touchpad screen. When you slide your finger over it, the cursor on your computer will move. Furthermore, you can also write using the keyboard option located on top-right corner of the screen.

Media Screen

This is a GMote media screen. You can play media files such as songs and videos on your computer through it. To select the file, you will have to tap on browse and select the file.

You can also change the settings of the app by tapping on Settings on Menu list.

GMote is a nice solution for people looking for a good remote control of their computer. Now they can remote control their computer using this app through their Android phone.


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